Operating data of AOTOY in April

1 min readMay 5, 2021

After a period of operation, AOTOY has won many a user’s recognition. Thank you everyone for your support. We will record the minting and trading addresses on aotoy.club, and will carry out $OTO airdrop on these addresses. Detailed airdrop plans will be announced in the next few weeks.

From May, we will disclose our business data to the community every month, and work together with the community to discuss the development of new functions and the development direction of the platform.

Operations Report of April

Smart Contract Data

Total number of NFT introduced: 18,720

Number of users with wallet bound: 2034

Total transaction volume: 603.9 BNB [close to $400,000]

Platform Access Data


Number of visits per day: 5000

Total number of details viewed: 16782 (details page only)

Function development

Trading Competition: A trading competition function has been developed for Kryptobellion and Cryptoz, which will support more partners in the future.

Standardized data: In order to better present NFT information, we have added NFT details function and set up standard data structure for this function.

Other functions under development:

Migration function: We will support the migration of NFT from ETH to BSC to help more artists and collectors complete art transactions faster.


Discord: http://discord.gg/Y3S2ER9HcU





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